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The Buzy Bees, Let us BEE your helpers!

My name is Tina Patton and I am the owner of The Buzy Bee Cleaning Specialist, LLC.​

I have always been an organized, detail oriented, professional. I personally invest myself and truly care about what I am doing.  Starting my own business rewards my family for those virtues. I LOVE what I do. My values set me apart from the rest because, I do care!

My business is licensed, bonded and fully insured including workers compensation insurance. Myself and my team of worker bees have full background checks for your peace of mind. We are uniformed and arrive in teams of two or more.

We take pride in the services that we are able to provide.

Let us BEE your helpers!!

The services that my company offers vary by home/business owner. It gives us personal satisfaction to customize every service to each family to consistantly deliver top quality service. Each home has specific needs based on that particular family. The Buzy Bee Cleaning Specialists truly care about each home and family that we take care of.

Tell me what would  benefit your family in the upkeep of your home or business. What is important to you? I listen and tailor your service to benefit you and your price range the most.

Excellance in refined services is the trade mark of a true professional.

Tina Patton Owner
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