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Proud Photos

All of these photos are  of actual client homes.

Styles and families vary.

All homes are clean, fresh smelling and inviting when the Buzy Bees get done.

It is always as the home owner wants with a little extra sparkle..

The reason why...The Buzy Bees cares about the comfort of each family and home that we care for.

We want you to come home and say-Wow! Everything looks beautiful and smells great! We can do this for you, at a price that fits your personal budget.

What are you waiting for? Contact me, Tina Patton and we'll talk about your needs.


“When you bring the Buzy Bee Cleaning Specialist into your home, you will have more quality time with your family and a fresh, clean home to spend that time in. No worries.”
"Excellence in refined services is the trade mark  of a true professional. "

Tina Patton, Owner



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